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Thinking of AI as the genie from Aladdin

Remember Aladdin and his lamp?

Whenever he needed help, he would rub his lamp and the genie would come out to help, in any way Aladdin wanted.

AI is like that genie, but instead of the lamp, it lives inside a computer!

You can ask AI to do things for you, without worrying about the genie being tired, unlike the show. Ask the AI genie to help you with your math homework, and it will give you the answers in a flash! Want to know how many stars there are in the sky? The AI genie will give you an estimate in no time!

However, there’s a catch!

Unlike the genie in Aladdin, the AI genie doesn’t have a personality or a sense of humor. It can’t make decisions on its own and doesn’t have feelings. It’s just a machine that follows instructions and uses what it has learned to answer your questions. The more you ask it to do, the better it gets at doing those things. So, the next time you use AI, you’ll get even faster and more accurate answers!

But how does it work?

Well, AI genie must first be taught, before it can do wonders for you. The only difference is that AI is not like you or any other kid. It never forgets and can accurately search and connect pieces of knowledge in its brain instantly.

So, you give AI genie lots of examples of what you want it to do, and see it learn from those examples. Just like when you’re learning to play a video game, you die a few times but with practice, you get better and better and finish it. In the case of our genie, the process is much faster, as it never dies for the same reason twice. Within a relatively shorter time, AI Genie can learn to finish the game much faster than a human.

Let’s take another example.

Suppose you want the AI genie to recognize different animals. We show it lots and lots of pictures of dogs, cats, and other animals, and then it learns to recognize them. From then on, whenever we show it a picture of a new animal, it can tell us what animal it is just by looking at the picture. Isn’t that amazing?

Therefore, AI can help us do things faster and easier than any other human, as long as we are ready to teach it first.

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