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Hi there! 👋

Let’s start with a disclaimer:

We are NOT claiming to be some digital ‘gurus’ who have the key for making you a billionaire. Even we aren’t one, yet 😉

So who are we claiming to be? 

We are a team of ‘entrepreneurs’, just like yourself, who love to come up with technology-driven solutions for problems faced by the masses or a certain niche. Our prior experience of scaling multiple brands from scratch helps us understand the end user better, conduct multiple experiments and tweak the product and marketing strategy over time, till you win.


Why aren’t you only doing your own businesses then?

With just 24 hours available in a day and limited operational experience for different industries, we prefer sticking to our core skill-set, i.e. building scalable technology and marketing the same for sustainable user acquisition.

But hey, this page is about who we are. So let’s cut right to it and introduce us:

Om Agarwal


Making his early fortune flipping .com domains since age 13, Om co-founded a platform for law entrance prep, which captured 18% of the market in 5 months. He then built EazyCoach, an online admissions portal, that represented India in Silicon Valley.

Om has helped countless companies, from startups to MNCs, come up with disruptive, tech-driven business ideas and has taken them to market, as quickly as possible.

At Timespade, Om leads the technology vertical.

Sweta Gupta


Sweta is a growth hacker by profession, having worked with MNCs such as Coca Cola, JPMorgan Chase, Samsung and Toyota, along with diverse startups to 10x their customer growth. She is known for her marketing automation skills.

In the last 3 years alone, she has spearheaded Timespade’s initiative, bringing hundreds of brick-and-mortar businesses online and generating revenue in a sustainable manner.

At Timespade, Sweta leads the marketing vertical.


Our diverse experiences have helped us test a plethora of ideas and methods for scaling ventures digitally; understanding what truly works and why. At Timespade, we are looking forward to applying our learnings to help companies succeed.

So, that’s about us.

We won’t bore you with a long pitch!

Connect with us on LinkedIn or schedule a consultation, if you think we can add value to your growth journey 🙂

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