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Decoding how websites load by understanding cloud hosting

Did you play with toys as a kid?

Let’s say you have lots and lots of toys, but your room is too small to keep them all. But thankfully, you have a friend, Alexander, who lives downstairs and has a big toy box in his room. And the best part, he allows you to store your toys for a cookie every time you open it.

Whenever you want to play with a toy, you just go to your Alexander’s room, take out the toy you want, and then have fun with it. When you’re done playing, you can put the toy back in the toy box.

Cloud hosting is like having Alexander’s big toy box.

But instead of it being a physical storage for your toys, it is an invisible storage for your websites, operated by cloud hosting companies across the world. Let’s call them Alexander & Co. They set up these storages and maintain them, allowing you to control them, even without owning them.

Now, instead of going to your friend’s room, you can access your toys (a.k.a websites) from anywhere in the world, as long as you have a computer or a phone connected to the internet, which can connect you to your website, running on Alexander & Co.’s storage.

This opens up a world of possibilities, all for a nominal usage fee.

And the best part is that you don’t have to worry about running out of storage, unlike a physical toy box. Alexander & Co. keeps analysing how much storage you are consuming, how many times you are using it, and increases its capacity even before you feel the need to increase the storage box. This makes your websites capable of storing an infinite amount of website data and sharing it with millions of visitors, without ever going down.

Now, that is cloud hosting 🙂

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