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Our Process

We build and leverage your digital presence. Here’s how we do it:

1. We learn what you do

  The first step is to know the fine details of your company, its offerings, competitors, traction achieved, etc.

  We get into as many calls as needed, for having absolute clarity!

  From the sea of information, we filter out your Unique Selling Point.

  This helps us in building your digital presence; not just for getting you page views / likes, but actual business.

2. Sales funnel is created

Once we know your USP, it is time to prepare a gameplan for reaching out to prospective customers.

We select a combination of inbound and outbound marketing mediums to generate a good no. of relevant leads.

An effective method of qualifying these leads is devised.

To ensure that no lead is missed, you are notified about it in real-time and the same added to a CRM for follow-ups.

3. Web content is prepared

A compelling write-up grabs your visitor’s attention.

We frame each sentence on your website and social pages, focusing on your USP in order to result in a conversion.

Graphics and bullets are used, wherever possible; just like this one.

  Your domain expertise combined with our understanding of user behaviour, results in high-converting content for your digital assets.

4. Site mockup is designed

User Experience (UX) and Interface (UI) is critical for your success, i.e. converting website visitors to leads or customers.

We make sure that your visitors are ‘wowed’ by the design (UI), with different views for desktops, tabs and mobile.

But also get what they want, as quickly as possible (UX).

  You get to access and suggest unlimited changes to your website wireframe (like a building floor plan) and design mockups.

5. Platform code is developed

If your website doesn’t load in 2 seconds, you have already lost your visitor’s trust in this competitive landscape.

It should be able to handle any user traffic; be it 1,000 or 1 million.

We write clean, scalable code using the best technologies available to achieve both speed and stability.

And the best part: you can manage it all with ZERO coding knowledge.

6. Digital marketing begins

Our marketing team follows the sales funnel created in the start, to post value-driven, content on targeted social networks.

To ensure that prospects check our posts, we engage with them.

We run paid ads alongside, targeting users based on location and their preferences, and retarget those who show us interest.

 A/B testing is done to run ads which get you the best returns.

7. We support as you scale

As customers start coming in, we will get lots of inputs.

We implement the best security standards, take regular backups and monitor the website for preventing downtime.

Design and content changes are provided free of cost till you get your first few customers, and then at a minimal cost.

With your industry experience and our domain expertise, we are best placed to take your brand to the next level.

Let’s start the journey..

We will begin with a discovery call to know about your business and share a reasonable timeframe, along with cost, for bringing you online or growing your presence. If it works for you, we shall commence our work together.


We mean it, when we talk about being partners.. 

  • You will get a real-time tracker to know the work status.

  • Feel free to WhatsApp us anytime or shoot in an email.

  • There will be weekly calls to keep you updated.

  • We don’t move to the next stage until you are satisfied with the results of the current one.

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Answers to some queries we get on a regular basis

I have an idea. Can you help me execute it completely?

We regularly work with entrepreneurs, who approach us right when they have an idea. By taking care of the technology, digital acquisition strategy and the marketing, we lift off quite a lot of burden from their head.

However, operations, sales and other aspects of the business are best handled by the entrepreneurs themselves.

Will I be able to suggest changes to the deliverables?

For sure! You can can request for unlimited changes till you (as well as us) are PROUD of the end product.

Even after everything has been done, the platform created by us is extremely easy to manage, in case you want to make any changes.

What if I only want a website or digital marketing?

There is no compulsion to opt for everything. If you only want 1 or 2 deliverables from the integrated offering, we can surely work that out. So, schedule a call with us, and let’s take it forward from there.

My website doesn't get me leads. Can you help?

We need to firstly see whether the problem lies in your offering or the way you have pitched yourself online.

If you have an offline presence, the easiest way to know is to compare it with your offline leads. If offline is performing better, the problem lies with your web presence, and you should surely subscribe to the kit for a professional revamp.

However, if you don’t have this offline data, we request you to schedule a call. After analysing your website and social media presence in details, we can suggest the right plan of action.

Have questions?

So do we! We would love to know more about your idea or business and add value. Book a free discovery call as per your convenience.


Or email us at hello@timespade.com

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