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How are projects typically structured?
Every project kicks off with a planning phase, followed by a set of build sprints that lead to a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that enables user testing of the basic product concept. Your application will be broken down into releases to address key functionality that achieve certain business results over time.
How do you ensure application quality?
Regular peer review ensures deliverable quality, and our teams are compensated on meeting milestones with an incentive structure that ensures collaboration and high-quality output. Our methodology provides quality assurance throughout the entire delivery lifecycle including stress testing, user acceptance testing, as well as devops support.
How fast can you build my project?
Our iterative methodology focuses on quickly building out a Minimum Viable Product with core functionality to enable user testing and prioritization of other features in many successive releases.  Our team will produce software deliverables in weekly sprints that can be tested with users or internal stakeholders to validate requirements, with an MVP typically completed in 4-12 weeks, depending on the nature of the project. These insights combined with our deep experience with similar applications focus subsequent releases on additional, value-added features.
How quickly do you start post-signing?
We schedule the planning workshop to gather requirements and define success metrics within a matter of days. This Rapid Results workshop is typically conducted within 3-5 days, and in parallel, Timespade will work with your team to produce a plan outlining the product roadmap, solutions architecture, and initial plan for a Minimum Viable Product. Additional specialist roles for the Build phase will be added as needed so they are ready to start upon your approval of the plan.
What is a typical team composition?
Timespade staffs full project teams of five or more roles, including a Product Manager, Project Manager, Solutions Architect, Designer, and Software Engineer(s). Our model includes flexible resourcing to ensure the right resources are applied at each project phase.
Will you be maintaining the built platform?
Upon making your project live, we have a "watch phase" that includes maintenance and support for applications. We partner to address issues and deploy updates to run and scale your application in conjunction with client support teams, hosting, and service providers.
How do you ensure data confidentiality?

All our team members are under a strict NDA with Timespade, and by extension to any client project. No details are shared, even for activities like 3rd party account creation, without your explicit approval.

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