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Business Idea

Dead simple, meal subscription which is healthy-yet-affordable


Dead simple, organic meal subscription


The Problem

Living off on online, delivered food is simply not possible!

  1. Most options are unhealthy.
  2. We spend 15-30 mins daily on deciding what to eat.
  3. Restaurants waste ingredients with 100s of menu items; the cost of which is passed onto us.


How Big It Is

Adjusting for COVID, 12.7 crore people will be ordering food online this year.

~ 2% of them will order twice a day for almost 90 days in a year, if they get access to organic food, with something new to eat everyday. Assuming they spend ₹240 for each such day, our Total Addressable Market (TAM) is around ₹5,486 crores for 2020 alone.

(12.7 crore people) x (2% frequent customers) x (90 days) x (₹240 daily)



An online meal subscription platform which delivers signature lunch and dinner dishes, curated by food influencers and made from 100% organic ingredients.

  • We begin with a closely connected localities in 1 city.
  • Users see the meal schedule for the next 30 days on our platform.
  • There will be just 2 options every day for each meal; veg and non-veg.
  • Nutritional information and profile of the chef influencer, who curated the meal, will be displayed.
  • 3 common ‘cheat’ add-ons will be there, which won’t change everyday. For e.g. papad or gulab jamun.
  • Users pre-book meals for a day (to try), a week or a month.
  • At the end of the daily trial or weekly plan, they get the option to upgrade for a month. We refund the premium paid to get maximum subscriptions for the monthly plan.


Pricing / Business Model

Our initial target will be the middle and upper-class working population, who can afford ~ ₹6k/month for safe, organic meals delivered to their office and home.

Veg and non-veg meals will be priced equally, with exotic veggies substituting for the higher cost of meat. The subscription pricing will be as follows:


Expected Revenue

With good food quality, tech platform and targeted digital marketing; the following can be assumed as a monthly average for the first year:

Average daily subscribers125
Year-long deliveries39,000 (125 * 26 days * 12 months)
Average per-delivery pricing *₹130
Total Revenue₹50,70,000

* Assuming a weighted average of different meal plans, along with add-ons

Thus, you can achieve a ~ ₹50 lakhs revenue in 12 months with proper execution!

If you love the business idea and would consider building it together, let’s get on a no-strings-attached, discovery call 🙂


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